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Сонар Lowrance Hook2-5 SplitShot

Сонар Lowrance Hook2-5 SplitShot

Сонар Lowrance Hook2-5 SplitShot HDI










 Sonar features


 GPS features


 Display Size

 5" diagonal (127 mm)

 Pixel count  / Resolution

 800 x 480

 Display Type



 White LED - 1000 Nits


 200 kHz - Broadband Sonar / 455/800 DownScan Imaging


 SplitShot Skimmer®

 Broadband Sonar

 Yes - Built-In

 Output Power

 200W  - Broadband Sonar / 500W DownScan Imaging

 Max Depth

 500' / 152m* (200 kHz) - 300' / 91m (455/800 kHz)

 Input Voltage

 10.4 - 17 vDC 

 Power Consumption / Current Draw

 <12.2 W

 Casing /Waterproof Standards

 Sealed and waterproof (IP-X7) 


 4.32" H x 7.31 " W x 3.39" D  (109.8 x 185.7 x 86.1 mm)

 CHIRP and DownScan Sonar

 CHIRP - Yes / DownScan - Yes

 Fishing Modes

 Yes - Custom (can adjust sonar settings) and Ice modes.

 Ping Rate

 Yes - Advanced Options - Manually adjustable


 Yes - As split screen is available with a digital flasher and 2D sonar.

 Ice Mode


 Sonar Graph Recording \ TrackBack


 Fish ID


 Sonar Alarms

 Yes - Shallow water and Fish symbol alarms.

 Split Screen Zoom


 Surface Water Temperature

 Yes- Available built into transducer.

 Paddlewheel Distance Log


 Memory Back Up


 GPS Receiver Antenna

 Internal high-sensitivity GPS

 Position Updates

 Every second

 Compass Safe Distance

 8" (20cm)



 Background Map

 Yes - Built-in, enhanced background map by C-Map.

 Custom Mapping available

 Yes - C-Map and Navionics options.









 GPS Alarm

 Yes - Anchor, Arrival, No GPS Fix, and XTE

 GPS Trip Details Recording



 30 - Available in regional packs.

 Micro SD card : Max Size

 Yes - up to 32GB

 Overlay Data


 Resize Window


 Ethernet Port


 Networking with other units


 Operating Temperature

 5°F to 130°F  (-15°C to 55°C)



 Current Software Version


*Actual depth capabilities depend on transducer configuration and installation, bottom composition, and water conditions.


 Quick Release Bracket



 Optional Swivel Base for QRB

 Swivel Base


 Replacement SplitShot Transducer

 SplitShot Transducer


 Replacement SplitShot Transom Bracket

 SplitShot Transom Bracket


 Power Cable

 Power Cable


 Transducer Adapter - 7pin Lowrance Transducer

 7-Pin Blue Connector to Hook2-5 


 Transducer Adapter - 9pin Lowrance Transducer

 9-Pin Black Connector to Hook2-5


 Sun Cover

 Sun Cover


 Dash Mount Kit

 Dash Mount Kit






Hook2-5 SplitShot Combo Reset Procedure

To restore the unit to default settings - go to Settings Menu/System/Restore Defaults.

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