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Сонар Lowrance Hook2-7 SplitShot

Сонар Lowrance Hook2-7 SplitShot





 Sonar features  Yes
 GPS features  Yes
 Display Size  7" diagonal (178 mm)
 Pixel count  / Resolution  800 x 480
 Display Type  SolarMax
 Backlighting  White LED - 1200 Nits

 200 kHz - Broadband Sonar / 455/800 DownScan Imaging

 Transducer  SplitShot Skimmer®
 Broadband Sonar  Yes - Built-In
 Output Power  200W  - Broadband Sonar / 500W DownScan Imaging
 Max Depth

 500' / 152m* (200 kHz) - 300' / 91m (455/800 kHz)

 Input Voltage  10.4 - 17 vDC 
 Power Consumption / Current Draw  <16.3 W
 Casing /Waterproof Standards  Sealed and waterproof (IP-X7) 
 Dimensions  6.46" H x 9.29 " W x 4.42" D  (164.2 x 236 x 112.3 mm)
 CHIRP and DownScan Sonar  CHIRP - No / DownScan - Yes
 Fishing Modes  Yes - Custom (can adjust sonar settings) and Ice modes.
 Ping Rate  Yes - Advanced Options - Manually adjustable
 Flasher  Yes - As split screen is available with a digital flasher and 2D sonar.
 Ice Mode  Yes
 Sonar Graph Recording \ TrackBack  Yes
 Fish ID  Yes
 Sonar Alarms  Yes - Shallow water and Fish symbol alarms.
 Split Screen Zoom  Yes
 Surface Water Temperature  Yes- Available built into transducer.
 Paddlewheel Distance Log  No
 Memory Back Up  Yes
 GPS Receiver Antenna  Internal high-sensitivity GPS
 Position Updates  Every second
 Compass Safe Distance  8" (20cm)
 Background Map  Yes - Built-in, enhanced C-Map background map.
 Custom Mapping available  Yes - C-Map and Navionics options
 Waypoints  3,000
 Trails  100
 Routes  100
 MOB  Yes
 GPS Alarm  Yes - Anchor, Arrival, No GPS Fix, and XTE
 GPS Trip Details Recording  Yes
 Languages  30 - Available in regional packs.
 Micro SD card : Max Size  Yes - One card slot - Max: 32GB capacity
 Overlay Data  Sonar/GPS
 Resize Window  Yes
 Ethernet Port  No
 Hard Drive  No
 Operating Temperature  5°F to 130°F  (-15°C to 55°C)
 Manufactured  2017
 Current Software Version  1.0.0

*Actual depth capabilities depend on transducer configuration and installation, bottom composition, and water conditions.

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