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Дата: 2015-02-16

Dragonfly 4 Wins Best in Show Award

February 2015

The all-new Dragonfly 4 has recently won Pacific Yachting’s 'Best in Show' award in the accessories category at the Vancouver International Boat Show!


Roger McAfee, Chair of the judging panel, explained, "The purpose behind the Pacific Yachting Best In Show awards is to recognize the contribution of marine manufacturers in developing boats and equipment that improve the boating experience."


"The development of the Dragonfly technology to the point where a standalone unit, complete with transducer, can be purchased for $199 USD is outstanding. It means that every boater can now afford to have this top-flight technology on board," McAfee said.


The recently launched Dragonfly 4 is part of the next generation of the groundbreaking Dragonfly Sonar/GPS range. Each model features Raymarine’s exclusive wide spectrum CHIRP sonar technology so that fishermen experience unmatched photo-like sonar images of fish and underwater objects. The all-weather, high clarity display ensures easy viewing, vibrant color and is guaranteed to never fog over - perfect!

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